"FULL PAGE" Directory Listing Bundle

"FULL PAGE" Directory Listing Bundle

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Full Page Directory Listing 


  • *Boss Vibes Box
  • **Invite To Private Group Coaching Session
  • ***Opportunity To Do A Training/Presentation Inside Private Facebook Group
  • ***Entered In Drawing For $100 Business Grant

Most business owners want new clients but the problem is not enough people know how to locate your business so they can support you. Why? Because you’re not marketing your business in the right places or to enough people but now you have the chance.

Benefits You'll Receive Getting Your Business Listed:

Access to Private Facebook Group: Once inside, you'll be able to network with the other business owners that are inside of the group.

​Improve your online business visibility.

"Priority Access" to virtual networking events. Since space is limited inside of online events, you get first dibs on registration.

​​Get your business noticed easily.

Your listing will be active for an entire year.

Still not sure about getting your business listed, here's why you should.

Hey Bosses!

Are you having trouble getting your business out there and reaching new clients? Having your business listing on the directory will give you the opportunity to do both.

Who Is This For: This is for entrepreneurs or small business owners who're looking to get more exposure for their business.

Still not sure? Take The Quiz:

  1. Do you want more VISIBILITY for your business?
  2. Are you looking to attract more clients?
  3. Are you looking to build beneficial business relationships?

If you've answered "YES" to any of the questions above this is for you.